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Winter care

Due to Arctic warming Britain will start to face colder and longer winter periods, it is important that homeowners and landlords take the correct pro-active measures in preventing any issues. 
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Prevent frozen pipes

Mild temperatures in October and November may have lulled homeowners into a false sense of security, as research reveals that 40% of homes will be vulnerable to issues such as frozen pipes and boiler breakdowns this winter.

Pipes are most likely to burst in cold spells when homes are empty. If you go away:

  • Keep the central heating at a minimum 12C-15C, if it is forecast to freeze.
  • Insulate pipes in the attic and crawl spaces as these exposed pipes are the most likely to freeze. Lag your cold water tank.
  • Leave doors open on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This will allow warmer air to circulate and reach pipes under sinks and in adjacent outside walls.
  • Leave the loft hatch door open as allowing warmer air to reach the loft can help prevent the cold tank from freezing.
  • Turn off the water supply to outside taps. Turn off the mains water at the stopcock unless you have a combi boiler that requires constant mains pressure.
  • If you are away for a long time over the winter, it may be worth draining your cold water system. If you do return to frozen pipes, use only gentle heat, such as towels soaked in warm water to try to thaw them.
  • If your pipes do freeze, turn the water off, drain the system and leave the taps open.
  • A good way to thaw out frozen pipes is to carefully use a hairdryer (if safe to do so) or to use a hot water bottle tied to the pipes with a towel. You should start from the end nearest to the tap, which should be open. If you've found a leak, put something underneath to collect water. Never use a naked flame, such as a blow torch, to thaw your pipes as this could cause some serious damage

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Tips to make sure other areas of your property are not vulnerable to winter conditions:

  • Npower urge customers to ensure boilers are properly maintained throughout the year to avoid encountering problems during the winter when you need it most. An annual service will ensure your boiler is operating both efficiently and safely. Meanwhile, investing in boiler care will give you peace of mind should anything go wrong.
  • Check to make sure your loft insulation is thick enough. It should be around 10 inches deep.
  • Find your main stopcock and make sure that you can turn it on and off.
  • If you have any taps that tend to drip, now's the time to fix them. Also, check to make sure your boiler has been serviced by a Gas Safe professional.
  • Try and insulate your home - fit draught proofing to any gaps in windows or doors and make sure wall cavities are well insulated
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Raw Plumbing & Heating are also on hand to attend empty properties to carry out the necessary precautions. Call Raw Plumbing & Heating in Peterborough on
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